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About Us

  KOW Shirt Co. was founded in 1995 in Jackson, MS by Kelvin Pickett, Sr., while in graduate school at Jackson (Thee I Love) State University, as a small screen printing company with a manual printing press and a few tee shirts for sale.


In 1997, Kelvin packed up and moved to Houston, Texas. He began perfecting his trade and expanded into embroidery in 2001. As the business grew, Kelvin expanded and has other ventures associated with it's growth. He credits his many sucess to the education he recieved at Tougaloo College, JSU, UAGC, Army Training/Experience, and the support/teaching from his parents and grandparents. He is also thankful to have Tara (his wife) pushing him to be his very best.

Today, KOW Shirt Co. offers quality embellished products, commercial screen printing, embroidery, and laser technologies in-house, which means your order is not contracted to a third party for completion. With 29+ years experience, your order is our top priority.


"We don't just sell shirts, we provide top-notch service!"

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